Atanu Raychaudhuri is a well-known name in Bengali film industry and is pledged to spread his unique and soothing rays for the sole purpose of enhancing the industry and at the same time bring blissful entertainment for the valued film lovers. Being an advocate by profession, Mr. Raychaudhuri runs a solicitor firm at Calcutta High Court and it is his passion for the silver screen that has inspired him to cast his prominent foot-mark in the film industry. Having the opportunity to utilise the passion and understanding for the herculean task of film presentation and that too in such a time when Bengali cinema is going through the grey phase, Mr. Raychaudhuri displayed the courage and strong will power to venture into the industry and present the valued viewers with some of the most discussed and popular films like Muktodhara, Ramdhanu, Bela Seshe, Praktan, Posto, Haami and Projapati Biscuit.

Mr. Atanu Raychaudhuri is honored to venture into film presentation through BENGAL TALKIES. ‘SANJHBATI’, released on 20th December, 2019 was the very first movie of the house. It has been the one of the most successful and blockbuster movies in recent times. Next venture ‘TONIC’ is yet to be released in theaters this year.



Mr. Atanu Raychaudhuri is in the law profession and runs a solicitor firm in the High Court at Calcutta. Being an experienced advocate by profession, Mr. Raychaudhuri brings cutting edge legal solutions for his clients through his law firm. This solicitor firm operates for various niches of the legal world and serving the issues of arbitrations, corporate sector, constitutional law, civil law and has made it one of the most prominent legal service institutions in the city. It is needless to mention that Kolkata High Court being the highest body of judiciary in the state of West Bengal holds immense importance and so does any solicitor firm working within the jurisdiction of the same.

Mr. Raychaudhuri is a perfect corporate person and so is his firm. It will be an understatement to just mention that Mr. Atanu Raychaudhuri and his solicitor firm provides best legal services. The justified and just words describing Mr. Raychaudhuri and his solicitor firm can be – the corporate solicitor for all legal issues. Having said that Mr. Raychaudhuri’s solicitor firm caters to all sorts of legal necessities, it needs mentioning that the issues of arbitration, corporate, constitutional and civil laws have been the fields of expertise of the firm. With a team of highly experienced and dedicated work force, Mr. Raychaudhuri makes use of his own valuable experience of being an eminent advocate to bring the best services for the clients of the firm.