Corporate lawS

Modern corporate world is busy in drawing benefits from every possible resource. This desire to achieve the highest level of success often brings in legal hazards. Mr. Atanu Raychaudhuri is the experienced corporate advocate who brings best services in the field of corporate law. Mr. Raychaudhuri’s solicitor firm is known for the shinning records of success in cases related to corporate law. Corporate law is highly different from general judicial issues and needs proper judgement and analytical skills to achieve success. Mr. Raychaudhuri and his team of expert lawyers ensure perfect understanding of corporate laws and this makes Mr. Atanu Raychaudhuri’s solicitor firm a leader in the corporate law field.


Arbitration is the process of adjudical or an argument or dispute between people or organizations so that they can be helped to a speedy and effective solution outside the court. Judiciary in India involves lengthy proceeding which often leads to loss of precious time and resources. Arbitration by an experienced advocate and his team can thus be considered to be the best way to solve disputes whenever possible. Mr. Atanu Raychaudhuri makes use of his effort-earned reputation in solicitation business to provide best arbitration services for his clients. The solicitor firm run by Mr. Raychaudhuri in the High Court at Kolkata holds prestigious records regarding successful arbitration cases in the county.


Civil law is simply a body of rules that delineate rights and remedies that are private in nature. The jurisdiction of civil law is entitled with governing disputes between individuals in matters of property, contracts and family. Being totally different from the criminal and public law, the law firm serving for the civil cases need to be exceptionally efficient in dealing with the mentioned matters. Mr. Atanu Raychaudhuri works tirelessly with his team-mates in his solicitor firm to provide best services for his clients in all sorts of civil cases. Mr. Raychaudhuri’s firm in Calcutta High Court holds enviable records regarding the civil cases.


Constitutional law is section of law that defines the role, structure and powers of different entities within a state (read country). This particular sector of law deals with the provisions provided in our constitution (including all three faces of our constitution – i.e. executive, legislature and judiciary) and the solicitor firm providing services for constitutional law helps the clients in cases related to constitutional law. Mr. Atanu Raychaudhuri has been in the legal profession since long and it is his immense and thorough experience about every single niche of our constitution that has enabled him to run the super successful solicitor firm in Calcutta High Court and deal in Constitutional law with absolute success.